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Marketing Analytics

Identifying Key Opinion Leaders from Secondary Data

In preparing for launch, an Oncology client wanted to better understand the influence of academic Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) among lung cancer treaters and identify physicians influenced by each KOL.

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Identifying Opportunities from Patient Flow

An Oncology client wanted to better understand the specialties that are involved in the treatment of early stages of breast cancer and identify opportunities for improving testing, referral, and treatment rates.

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Sales Analytics

Launch Incentive Compensation Plan to manage volatility

An Oncology client wanted advice in designing the incentive compensation (IC) plan for their launch product in a market new to the organization.

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Sales Force Sizing

In light of positive top line phase 3 results, the client needed support in developing their sales force strategy towards a potential launch in coming year for a product used in both clinic and long-term care settings.

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bi & visualization

Sub-national Variations in Co-pay Card Utilization

A client wanted to better understand co-pay card utilization and patient out-of-pocket (OOP) burden at a subnational level.

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Sub-national promotional decision support

The client needed support for tracking local flu patterns to optimize the timing and duration of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) promotions at a MSA level each week.

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Commercial Operations

Create and manage levels of customer affiliations

An Oncology client wanted to evaluate their key account strategy in prostate cancer and understand how Oncologists and Urologists are affiliated to various cancer

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Cloud Based Solution to House and Process Claims Data

An Oncology client needed support with establishing an analytics platform for generating timely insights into key business questions from purchased patient claims data.

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