Our vision

Our vision is to partner with our clients to deliver analytical solutions that are steeped in business context.

The healthcare data landscape is rapidly evolving, and so is the complexity of drivers that affect physician treatment decisions. Our focus is to provide customized solutions via thoughtful analysis of available data sources, coupled with a deep understanding of the market drivers. During the course of our careers, we have observed a dilution in thought partnership and the reliance on legacy approaches. We are committed to letting your business question drive our analytical solution, rather than applying black box solutions.

Our Story

159 Solutions was founded in December 2013 to deliver a wide range of analytical solutions to life sciences clients. Sales and marketing teams are exposed to numerous data sets, but more data is not necessarily better. In fact, there is an inverse correlation between availability of data and quick decision making. With a strong focus on delivering analytical projects rooted in market expertise, we felt the need to elevate consulting solutions beyond existing approaches via thoughtful partnerships. In order to achieve this, we ensure that the solutions delivered through our projects include time from senior staff, who are activity involved in solving the business question.

Our Team

Our leadership team combines extensive industry experience with strong consulting skills. This combination shapes our approach to all problems that we solve. We focus first on the "why" rather than the "how", resulting in an approach that addresses the underlying question and delivers impactful and actionable insights.

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